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[ 20 Aug 2016 | No Comment ]

After more than three years the Travcult crew is finally back to our favourite spot in Bali, the quaint yet energetic village of Ubud. There are many reasons why we love Ubud, it would be near-impossible to list all of them. In fact, what’s not to like about this piece of heaven on earth? (Okay, traffic jams and annoying taxi touts come to mind). But seriously we love Ubud, did we mention that before?

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[ 29 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
naughty nuri's bbq spareribs

Behold! One of the best ribs in the world!
Naughty Nuri’s Warung is located on the outskirts of Ubud, and since our hotel only provided free transportation within central Ubud, we had to make our own arrangements to get there. Don’t fret about the time and distance though; the journey took us less than 15 minutes by car.

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[ 27 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
neka art museum

Being the ‘cultural capital’ of Bali, Ubud and the surrounding areas have their fair share of museums and galleries that showcase some of the most brilliant artworks on the island. On our latest visit, we checked out two prominent museums in the area.

Neka Art Museum

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[ 4 Dec 2010 | One Comment ]
crispy duck at bebek bengil

Crispy duck at Bebek Bengil Restaurant
Long before setting foot in Ubud, we have occasionally heard friends or associates talk about a particularly superb place for deep fried ducks in Bali. Some others claim that it is an expensive place to eat, and is little more than an overrated tourist trap. Not to beat around the bush – yes, as the post title suggests, we are indeed talking about the famous Bebek Bengil restaurant, which is so successful that they started a second outlet in Ubud, Jakarta, as well as a …

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[ 3 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]

In this post we are going to introduce you to the Kecak dance. Like many other Balinese dances, Kecak is more than just an art form or an entertaining show; these performances are traditionally put up as one of the many forms of rituals that make up the Balinese concept of spirituality. The action packed Kecak follows the plot of Ramayana, a Hindu epic about romance and righteousness. Since the typical length of a Kecak performance is usually about an hour long, the dance only cover certain parts of Ramayana, usually the early chapters.