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[ 15 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]

It is said that a trip to Beijing, China’s capital city, cannot be considered complete without sampling one signature dish that bears the city’s name,  Peking Roast Duck (Bei Jing Kao Ya) – also often simply called Peking Duck. Like many great dishes around the world, Peking Duck spent much of its eight hundred years old history as a staple dish for Imperial China’s upper class and royalties. These days one can find a delicious serving of Peking Duck pretty much in anywhere around the world, from Bangkok to Barcelona. …

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[ 1 Jun 2011 | One Comment ]

When we posted our previous review of Kraze Burgers, we never expected it to be such a popular read; it currently ranks among the top few posts on this site. The article was originally meant to be short and sweet, just a quick run through of the restaurant and its burgers; but we now think that perhaps it could use additional review of several more items. Hence several days ago we decided to go down to the Kraze Burgers outlet at Marina Bay Sands for another tasting session, and share …

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[ 9 Jan 2011 | 6 Comments ]
Kraze burgers at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The week before, we visited a newly opened Kraze Burgers outlet at Marina Bay Sands. The franchise hails from South Korea, with branches in Hong Kong, Macau, and now Singapore. From a distance, we were greeted by the store’s bright green décor.

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[ 4 Dec 2010 | One Comment ]
crispy duck at bebek bengil

Crispy duck at Bebek Bengil Restaurant
Long before setting foot in Ubud, we have occasionally heard friends or associates talk about a particularly superb place for deep fried ducks in Bali. Some others claim that it is an expensive place to eat, and is little more than an overrated tourist trap. Not to beat around the bush – yes, as the post title suggests, we are indeed talking about the famous Bebek Bengil restaurant, which is so successful that they started a second outlet in Ubud, Jakarta, as well as a …

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[ 18 May 2010 | No Comment ]
Yum Cha Restaurant Chinatown

Spread across the globe by early Cantonese immigrants and popularized by the rise of Hong Kong as an international commerce hub, yum cha (‘drinking tea’ in Cantonese dialect) grew to be one the most widely known Chinese culinary traditions. Today one can easily find eateries offering yum cha in most of the world’s large cities. Singapore, with its fair number of Cantonese speaking population is no exception. The city is blessed with a wide selection of restaurants serving yum cha; ranging from hawker-style eateries to five star priced meal at the Royal China restaurant at Raffles Hotel.