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[ 4 Peb 2011 | No Comment ]
Hanoman statue - Ramayana Revisited

Pada kunjungan kami ke Museum Peranakan, kami berkesempatan melihat pameran Ramayana Revisited, yang menampilkan berbagai adaptasi legenda Ramayana dalam budaya budaya Asia Tenggara.

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[ 3 Des 2010 | No Comment ]

(English) In this post we are going to introduce you to the Kecak dance. Like many other Balinese dances, Kecak is more than just an art form or an entertaining show; these performances are traditionally put up as one of the many forms of rituals that make up the Balinese concept of spirituality. The action packed Kecak follows the plot of Ramayana, a Hindu epic about romance and righteousness. Since the typical length of a Kecak performance is usually about an hour long, the dance only cover certain parts of Ramayana, usually the early chapters.