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[ 4 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]
Hanoman statue - Ramayana Revisited

On our last visit to the Peranakan Museum, we had a chance to catch a glimpse of Ramayana Revisited, a featured exhibition on adaptations of the Ramayana legend in South-east Asian cultures. Along with the spread of Hinduism from India to the region, many Indian folklore stories made their way to South East Asia. Ramayana, being one of the most famous Sanskrit epics, is a fine example of this phenomenon; it is said to have spread to almost all ASEAN member nations, many of which have adapted the epic in …

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[ 19 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments ]
entrance to the peranakan museum

Singapore is one country whose past cannot be separated from the story of migrants. When Sir Stamford Raffles made up his mind about the location of a new colony in 1819, the only form of settlement that could be found on the island was small coastal villages. Prior and up to this point, people were few and far between; unlike the island-city that it is today, large swathes of the island were uninhabited.