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[ 4 Jul 2011 | No Comment ]

Remember ‘The Beach’? The movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, depicted an isolated beach paradise where travelers, captivated by its beauty and wearied by the worries of the world decided to remain in a secret community. The Travcult crew loved the movie and the novel by Alex Garland from which it was adapted, and was prepared to love the Thai province it was set in. And so we set off to Krabi.

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[ 15 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]

It is said that a trip to Beijing, China’s capital city, cannot be considered complete without sampling one signature dish that bears the city’s name,  Peking Roast Duck (Bei Jing Kao Ya) – also often simply called Peking Duck. Like many great dishes around the world, Peking Duck spent much of its eight hundred years old history as a staple dish for Imperial China’s upper class and royalties. These days one can find a delicious serving of Peking Duck pretty much in anywhere around the world, from Bangkok to Barcelona. …

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[ 25 Mar 2011 | No Comment ]
The town of Appenzell

The Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden is home to a rare democratic tradition. While we are certain that most readers are familiar with the meaning of democracy and its practices; most of us would not have experienced something like the centuries-old practice that we are about to describe. It is definitely more interesting to watch than many other voting processes, and the thought that this practice started out in the middle ages is simply unbelievable.

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[ 22 Feb 2011 | 6 Comments ]
Tioman Island, Malaysia

Located roughly a two hours boat ride away from Peninsular Malaysia is the island of Tioman, a popular tourist destination that needs little introduction. The island was listed as one of the top ten best islands in the world by Time magazine back in the 1970s; and judging from the number of tourists we met on our way there, it seemed that its charm was still going strong. Having said that, it is still somewhat located off the beaten track for most foreign visitors to the country, thus the island …

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[ 19 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments ]
entrance to the peranakan museum

Singapore is one country whose past cannot be separated from the story of migrants. When Sir Stamford Raffles made up his mind about the location of a new colony in 1819, the only form of settlement that could be found on the island was small coastal villages. Prior and up to this point, people were few and far between; unlike the island-city that it is today, large swathes of the island were uninhabited.