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[ 16 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Islam is a major religion whose contributions in shaping our modern society cannot be underestimated. Contrary to the opinion that Islam is incompatible with the Western world, a simple search over the internet will quickly reveal examples of achievements made by Islamic scholars that have helped advance human (including Western) culture; notably in areas such as arts, architecture, chemistry, and medicine.

Trying to learn more about these achievements ‘in person’, however, may not be so simple. At least not for the casual traveller. Few places in the world maintain a good …

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[ 25 Mar 2011 | No Comment ]
The town of Appenzell

The Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden is home to a rare democratic tradition. While we are certain that most readers are familiar with the meaning of democracy and its practices; most of us would not have experienced something like the centuries-old practice that we are about to describe. It is definitely more interesting to watch than many other voting processes, and the thought that this practice started out in the middle ages is simply unbelievable.

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[ 19 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments ]
entrance to the peranakan museum

Singapore is one country whose past cannot be separated from the story of migrants. When Sir Stamford Raffles made up his mind about the location of a new colony in 1819, the only form of settlement that could be found on the island was small coastal villages. Prior and up to this point, people were few and far between; unlike the island-city that it is today, large swathes of the island were uninhabited.

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[ 3 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]

In this post we are going to introduce you to the Kecak dance. Like many other Balinese dances, Kecak is more than just an art form or an entertaining show; these performances are traditionally put up as one of the many forms of rituals that make up the Balinese concept of spirituality. The action packed Kecak follows the plot of Ramayana, a Hindu epic about romance and righteousness. Since the typical length of a Kecak performance is usually about an hour long, the dance only cover certain parts of Ramayana, usually the early chapters.