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[ 16 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Islam is a major religion whose contributions in shaping our modern society cannot be underestimated. Contrary to the opinion that Islam is incompatible with the Western world, a simple search over the internet will quickly reveal examples of achievements made by Islamic scholars that have helped advance human (including Western) culture; notably in areas such as arts, architecture, chemistry, and medicine.

Trying to learn more about these achievements ‘in person’, however, may not be so simple. At least not for the casual traveller. Few places in the world maintain a good …

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[ 10 Jul 2011 | No Comment ]
Terracotta Warriors

We were excited to hear that the terracotta warriors are coming to Singapore. These petrified figures are considered by many to be among the most important national treasures of China and are seldom given the opportunity to travel abroad. Indeed, the current exhibition marks the very first time terracotta warriors are shown to public in Southeast Asia.

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[ 9 May 2011 | One Comment ]
Lion King Musical at Sands Theater, Singapore

The Travcult crew just came back from a matinee performance of Disney’s The Lion King Musical at the Marina Bay Sands. We all had great fun, and left the theater wanting more. Having extensive coverage in local media, seats for the show were quickly filled; it was difficult to book good seats even six weeks before our show. A full crowd was present, and that day being a Sunday, there were large numbers of children in the theatre.

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[ 4 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]
Hanoman statue - Ramayana Revisited

On our last visit to the Peranakan Museum, we had a chance to catch a glimpse of Ramayana Revisited, a featured exhibition on adaptations of the Ramayana legend in South-east Asian cultures. Along with the spread of Hinduism from India to the region, many Indian folklore stories made their way to South East Asia. Ramayana, being one of the most famous Sanskrit epics, is a fine example of this phenomenon; it is said to have spread to almost all ASEAN member nations, many of which have adapted the epic in …

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[ 3 Jan 2011 | One Comment ]
Goethe Institute

The Goethe Institut building in Schwäbisch Hall
The Goethe-Institut in Schwäbisch Hall is housed in a historic building in the Schwäbisch Hall Altstadt. The compound used to be a hospital, but no, there’s no ghost story to tell here. It is now a center of learning where every year hundreds of foreign students spend months honing their aptitude in the German language. Inside, the building has been renovated to suit the teaching and learning environment. The hallways may still look old, but classrooms are modern and well equipped.