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About Us

Welcome to travcult.com.

No, we are not a cult site (many of our readers have expressed concern). The name Travcult is a combination of the words ‘travel’ and ‘culture’. Here at travcult.com we love to experience both travelling as well as experiencing other cultures. We realize that there is still a lack of travel-related information, especially those that give insight on local cultures. Through this site, we aim to close that gap, to provide information for those who seek information on travel destinations, travelling tips, and the various cultures from around the world.

Travelling is pretty much inseparable from culture. Regardless where they go, travellers always face the similarity and differences of the local culture (e.g. language, tradition, cuisine, art) from their own. Every city, every village is as unique as its inhabitants. On the other hand, it is also true that the best way to discover or learn about another culture is to travel there and experience it firsthand.

Feel free to look around, we sincerely wish you a pleasant visit here.

Warmest Regards,

Travcult team

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