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Kraze Burgers at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

9 January 2011 6 Comments

Kraze burgers at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The week before, we visited a newly opened Kraze Burgers outlet at Marina Bay Sands. The franchise hails from South Korea, with branches in Hong Kong, Macau, and now Singapore. From a distance, we were greeted by the store’s bright green décor.

Menu at Kraze burgers at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

After flipping through the menu, we ordered their trademark K.B Original burger (SGD 11), the K. Onion burger (SGD 14), and the Chili Cheese Fries (SGD 8). To our disappointment, the fries were not available that day, so we had to make do with just the main course.

After a short ten minutes wait, our orders arrived. At first glance, we were rather surprised that for the price, the burgers were served plain, without sides. It made the plate seem all the more empty. Nevertheless, we tucked into our burgers.

K.B.Original Burger

The K.B. Original burger

The K.B Original burger was served with standard buns, and as the menu suggests, sandwiched between them were a beef patty, cheese, homemade pickles, lettuce, tomato slices, onions, and Kraze sauce (which in our opinion hardly differed from the usual tomato sauce). The ingredients looked fresh, particularly the lettuce, while the meat patty was tender. Overall, it was a well-flavored, and much better than your average fast food joint burger. Then again, you are paying more than ten dollars for just a burger.

K.Onion burger

The K. Onion burger

For the K. Onion burger, we have chosen the wheat bun, which the waiter offered as a healthier option. Healthier, but would it taste just as good? We’ll get to that later. The K. Onion burger had more stuff in it than the K.B Original burger; such as crispy onion rings, bacon, honey barbeque sauce, and cream cheese sauce. The result was a more satisfying burger than the original; the onion rings added extra crunch, while the two sauces added flavor to the burger. Surprisingly, the wheat bread was pretty good, not the tough variety one might expect.

For those who are looking for an alternative, Kraze burger offers sandwiches, rice, and hot plate items. Overall, the pricing of the dishes at Kraze burger was a tad on the high side. For a place which bears ‘burgers’ as part of their name, we would have expected their burgers to be much more.

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  • Allison T. said:

    I tried the K. Onion burger and loved it a few days ago. We are going back tonight with my brothers to try the artificial ice skating rink and I want to try one of the chicken sandwiches and maybe the fries!

  • Alicia said:

    I’ve tried the burgers there but there were just alright. I very much prefer the made-on-the-spot sandwiches over at the Rasapura Masters foodcourt. 😀

  • admin said:

    @Alicia: We took your advice and head to the Rasapura Masters Foodcourt and try the sandwich there. Read about it at: http://travcult.com/2011/05/our-little-sandwich-adventure-at-rasapura-masters/

  • admin said:

    Check out our second review of the Kraze Burgers restaurant: http://travcult.com/2011/06/kraze-for-more/

  • J J said:

    We ate at kraze burgers at the marina sands and we thought it was terrible.
    Burgers are tasteless, coke drink was flat, Chilli fries tasted terrible you. The Chilli aside was a packet mix and was very powdery. Gross. The staff service was average.
    And when we left we told the staff we didn’t like and wouldn’t return again.
    And they replied ok thank you see you again !???

  • Joy said:

    I tried it in Korea and compare with other fastfood that offer burgers this one is better. Fresh, big serving, taste good and I guess value for your money, satisfaction guarateed. I might add a little dollar to have their burgers than of Mc Donalds. Maybe the cost in singapore is much higher than in Korea since it is also placed in a highly known lots of expensives place in Singapore the Marina bay sands.

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